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Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.

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Manufacturer Catalog

This page is from the 1911 catalog of Chicago hardware retailer Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. The canoes featured are the Hudson River model (built by the Detroit Boat Company), the Indian Girl model (built by J. H. Rushton, Inc.), the house brand REV-O-NOC model. While the cut for the REV-O-NOC model looks like that of the Indian Girl, neither the lengths offered or dimensions are that of J. H. Rushton.

International Canoe

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International Canoes Front
International Canoes Back

The International 10 square meter decked sailing canoe was the successor to the 16-30 class of the American Canoe Association. 

The canoe with sail number 29 is Solitary Snipe, and the canoe with sail number K31 is Wake. The latter was built and sailed by Uffa Fox, a famed naval architect and canoe sailing enthusiast who won the International Sailing Canoe Trophy on several occasions.


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Eclipse Card Front
Eclipse Card Back

The canoe portrayed on this die-cut tobacco collector's card is the Eclipse, which was owned and sailed by M. V. Brokaw in the 1880s.